Marchita Glover

Don’t work for recognition, but do work worth recognition….

The work that Zeta member, Soror Marchita Glover, has done within our sorority and community is definitely worth the recognition.

Soror Glover has been a pillar in the City of Langston and surrounding area. Soror M. Glover took her oath seriously, and since 1959, she has kept Zeta Oklahoma moving forward. She is a TRUE servant at heart whom we should strive to mimic. She became a Zeta Dove in 2009 (50 years or more of Zeta membership), and has held numerous roles and responsibilities. Throughout her years as a resident of the community she has led initiatives to feed college students when the campus cafeteria was closed during breaks, engaged youth by having them participate in summer programs and/or self development projects, served as the Undergraduate Advisor for Lambda Alpha (Langston University), assisted with ensuring the Zeta Stork’s Nest is available for expecting mothers in the area, and she has “adopted” a plethora of children and grandchildren that she mentors, supports, and just loves on.

These are only a few things that Soror Glover has done while being in our state. Soror Glover is a Zeta Dove, which means that she has given over 50+ years of uninterrupted service to our sisterhood. This past weekend, we along with residents and city officials of Langston, came together to let her know how much we love and appreciate her.

If you see Soror Marquita Glover, please tell her THANK YOU, as those 2 words go a long way.

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