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Are fiscal year-end reports a pain? Flagging communication making your upcoming calendar look thin? Get your house in order with these helpful tips!

  1. Reports made easy. Create your year-end report at the beginning of the year!
  • Think about it – you create a written report every month and present it to your chapter. Take that monthly report and copy its contents into your EOY (end of year) report as you create them. Literally your final report will write itself!
  1. Use the right tools to get the job done. Microsoft Office has its proper place, but engaging business focused technologies can increase your effectiveness.
  • Need RSVP’s? Try Facebook events, or Eventbrite for your next big thing. Just need a meeting – Google Plus events might be a better bet, you can create a video Hangout and have rsvp automatically added to a google calendar. For physical locations, you can have pictures auto-upload from attendees phones and get that scrapbook content ready!
  • Managing projects via email? Anyone who has ever sent, or been on the receiving end of a “reply-all” can tell you email is not always good for project management. That Facebook group is all well and good, but have you ever noticed that the most recently used post floats to the top and pushes other, newer updates down? Embrace team business focused tools like Trello (project management), Slack (team chat), Asana (task management). All of these programs offer both free and premium features for your next committee project.
  • Still writing that report? Try writing a more collaborative report in Google Docs. Invite your committee and you can all edit the same document in real-time! Google documents automatically saves your version history!
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