74th Midwestern Regional Conference Recap

We all had an amazing experience at regionals. It’s truly an honor to be in the presence of Friend Wright. I appreciate the workshops that were presented by Friend Hull, Friend Sadler, and Amica Garrett. We obtained knowledge on communication, being a service to others, and taking pride in our colors. I was pleased to learn how passionate Friend Hull and Sadler are for Amicae. I can best describe them as nurturing us, grooming us to become better women, and emphasizing how sacred being a part of the blue and white family is.

To all of my Zeta friends, thank you for your warm welcoming. We embrace your hugs, the love you show through your smile, and your kind words. Most of all, our Zeta friends always treated us as equals; allowing our voice to be heard. I, Shayla Beard, and Quinetta Nelson are blessed to be a member of Zeta Amicae Auxiliary. The 74th Annual Midwestern Regional Leadership Conference will be cherished for a lifetime.

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